Average Child Care Cost

Statewide Fee Analysis of Child Care Facilities in Connecticut

August 8, 2019

Service TypeLowest CostHighest CostAverage Cost
Infant/Toddler Center
175.00 623.00 303.00
Infant/Toddler Home
 90.00 450.00 217.00
Preschool Center Full-Time100.00 498.00247.00
Preschool Home Full-Time 80.00 425.00 205.00
School Age Center 20.00 333.00 92.00
School Age Home 25.00 300.00 102.00
  • This fee information is provided by the child care facilities. Fees are current as of the date specified on this report. 
  • School age programs report their fees either in an hourly or weekly rate. To capture this, both schedules are reported.
  • This information is available by state, CT Health and Human Services region, county and municipality.
  • The rate information provided is a resource to compare costs of child care programs according to age group, type of program, and location. This information may be helpful when setting your weekly fees.
  • For more information or to get town specific average costs, call 2-1-1 Child Care directly at 2-1-1 or 1-800-505-1000.
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