Applicant Background Check Management System

ABCMS is a new background check database designed to support your work

You’ll have immediate access to important data to help you make decisions with:

  • real time results
  • confidential data for each center
  • direct access to run reports and manage background checks
  • comprehensive results for every participant
  • background check clearance follows the employee for 5 years
  • data on demand

All providers need to take the following steps:

  • Identify staff who will be authorized to use the ABCMS system
  • Each center should identify a minimum of (2) authorized users. These users should be computer savvy and will have access to your confidential staff data!
    Authorized User Submission Form

Statewide training will be provided by the Office of Early Childhood

  • Authorized users will complete the ABCMS training.
  • Future training dates to be determined. Check back again soon!

If you have questions on this training topic, please contact the following:
Office of Early Childhood Legal Division
Backgound Check Unit

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