Phone Pre-Screening Tool


Center/Home Provider:  __________________________________________________

Phone Number: (        ) ________ – _________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

  • What are your hours? _____________________________________________
  • How many children are currently in your care? ________________________________________________________________
  • What are the ages of children in your care?____________________________
  • How much do you charge? _________________________________________
  • What is your policy on payment during the holidays, vacations and sick days ________________________________________________________________
  • What do you do when a child is sick? ________________________________
  • Are you certified to give medications? ________________________________
  • Are you current with your first aid and CPR certification _______________________________________________________________
  • How long have you been in the child care field? _______________________________________________________________
  • How long do you continue to be in the child care field?_______________________________________________________
  • What is your experience/education? What is the experience/education of your staff? _______________________________________________________________
  • How many caregivers will my child be in contact with daily? _______________________________________________________________
  • What is a typical day like? ________________________________________
  • What activities would my child experience? ___________________________
  • How do you handle discipline? Is there a written policy? _______________________________________________________________
  • How will you accommodate my child with special needs? _______________________________________________________________
  • What meals or snacks do you provide? ______________________________
  • Do you provide transportation or go on field trips?  If yes, do you provide car seats? Do you have insurance? ______________________________________________________________
  • What school districts do you serve? ________________________________
  • Are there other languages spoken at the program? ______________________________________________________________








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